Naomi - Mixed race doll


Fall in love with Naomi and offer a little girl or boy a doll that looks like her!

Naomi, the gourmet doll

Naomi gets on wonderfully with little gourmets. Her favourite activity? Being taken on errands! At the market, at the greengrocer's or at the grocery shop, she is fascinated by all the colourful displays. Fond of flavours and sharing moments, Naomi also likes to help in the kitchen. We find her in the world of Lou, the little shopkeeper.

A mixed-race doll to cultivate diversity

With her big hazel eyes and curly hair, Naomi is an adorable doll with dark skin. She offers every child the opportunity to identify with herself and helps to teach tolerance towards oneself and others.

Stimulate development with a traditional toy

Are you looking for a healthy, educational and non-electronic toy? Our dolls are an excellent playground for children. They allow them to develop their empathy and motor skills while having fun.

A 100% Belgian creation

Since 1994, we have been creating toys mainly from natural materials. Naomi and her cotton clothes are entirely designed and created in Belgium. Hand-painted, the doll is delivered with her pink jacket, her patterned trousers, her headband and her little slippers.

● Material of the doll: vinyl

● Material of the clothes: cotton

● Dimensions: 32 cm / 0.480 kg

● Machine washable at 30°C

● 12 months and over

Toy delivered in its eco-responsible packaging made of kraft paper. You can also consult the map of our points of sale!

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