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What is the philosophy of Egmont toys?

Egmont Toys, Belgian designer and manufacturer since 1994, proposes a large range of products, ranging from wooden toys to toys in metal, wickerwork, textile, soft toys, as well as decorative objects for children from 0 to 10 years and more. Our aim is to propose original and hand crafted creations of an outstanding quality at reasonable prices through a network of specialised shops and boutiques run by people who share with us a passion for kids and toys. Play value and the educational character of a toy is an important aspect in the development of our toys. To stimulate and to build the character of a kid, while at the same time giving him a great time is our objective.

Is "Egmont toys" a Belgian brand? Where are the toys from?

Egmont Toys is a Belgian brand. The development and design is done in Belgium, mostly by our in-house designer Gaëtane Lannoy. The development of a new toy usually starts with an original drawing or sketch (with pencil, paint and paper; we are not big fans of computer drawings). The actual production of our collections is located in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Where to find Egmont Toys?

Through our site, you can easily find a distributor near your place. You introduce your postal code in "where to find our products” and the system will give you a list of the shops close to your place. If these shops don’t have the product you are looking for, they can easily order this with us. On our site you will also find a list of online shops.

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What is the educational character of Egmont Toy

In the development of a new toy, play value comes first. A new toy must stimulate the curiosity of a child and help him to develop his dream world. Drawing, painting, assembling, building, playing with a puppet theatre, dress-up… This will all help in the development of a child. Egmont Toys has a whole range of educational toys, adapted to the age of the child. The first cuddly animals and rattles will help to develop the senses (feeling, smelling) and the dexterity. Learning colours, forms and developing dexterity with building blocks and construction games; learning to walk with push a longs; solving problems with puzzles, society games….

What are the washing constructions?

All our soft toys and other textile toys are washable in the machine at 30° and most of them can also go in the dryer. For the cuddly toys with an incorporated musical box, it is preferable to wash them at the surface only and not to put them in the dryer. To avoid small parts getting lost in the machine we recommend to put delicate cuddly toys in a bag for washing delicate items. Plates, cutlery and cups are dishwasher safe.

Have the toys of Egmont Toys been tested?

Our main concern as a manufacturer of toys is to bring only safe toys on the market of the best possible quality. Therefore our toys have been tested according to the international safety regulations (mainly EU regulations) by specialized and independent testing bureau’s.

Is Egmont Toys attentive to the environment ?

In all our import and export activities, we try to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible: we avoid air transport, we try to work with full containers, when we ship orders to our customers, the orders are packed in recycled carton, for pallet shipments, we work with recycled euro pallets and we recycle ourselves all excess carton we might have. On top of being members of the recycling organisations FOST + and VALIPAC, right from the start when we are designing a new product, wherever possible we choose materials with the smallest impact on the environment. E.g. , our doudous are packed in silk paper and then in a box in recycled Kraft carton. Our team of collaborators (a majority of them) comes to the office by bicycle. And our newest project is to install a big sun panel installation (we have a roof surface of about 3000 m²), in order to be self sufficient in electricity.

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What if your Child loses his favourite cuddly toy?

We have a doudou express service who will do its utmost best to help you. Click on "doudou express” and you will find the contact details of our partner. Mail a photo and a detailed description of the lost cuddly toy together with your contact details and they will contact you as soon as possible.

Who assures the after sales service?

If in spite of all precautionary measures, a problem would surface with one of our toys : please contact the shop where you bought our product. This shop will decide about the most appropriate solution for your problem (repair, exchange or other).

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