Lien - Vintage doll


More than just a beautiful vintage doll, Lien is a close friend to the little ones! Our dolls are created by hand in Belgium and painted by hand.

Lien, the trusted friend

With her soft overalls and her big golden hair, Lien is the friend to whom to confide the joys and sorrows of every day. Calm and attentive, she belongs to the magical world of Colette.

The vintage doll, the gold medal of educational play

From a very young age, children learn through imitation. The doll plays an essential role in its construction: emotional development, improvement of vocabulary and motor skills, learning responsibility... A timeless toy by excellence, the doll has also been one of the favourite games of children for centuries!

Quality toys created in Belgium

Lien was designed in our Belgian workshop, with a focus on handmade, environmentally friendly materials and safety standards. The doll comes with overalls, a jumper and slippers. Our clothes are made of cotton and fit all our dolls and dolllets like a glove!

● Doll material: vinyl

● Material of the clothes: cotton

● Size: 32 cm / 0.480 kg

● Machine washable at 30°C

● 12 months and more

Lien is delivered in her durable cardboard packaging. Would you prefer to meet our dolls in person? Check here for a list of our sales outlets!

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