Elena - Snuggling doll


A gift of sweetness! The Elena doll is ready to give long cuddles thanks to her soft fabric belly.

Elena, the doll to peacefully fall asleep

With her soft fabric body, Elena just wants to be held tightly and fall asleep next to the little ones. A kiss, a cuddle, a nightlight and off you go for a peaceful and restful sleep! Her world? The dreamy and sweet world of Adele of course!

A doll with a vintage style

This beautiful doll with a mischievous look and a vintage style has been hand-painted. Like most of our toys, her clothes are made from natural materials. Elena's hat, scarf and matching slippers, her soft jacket and pink outfit are made of cotton and can be easily machine washed.

The soft-bodied doll as a developmental ally

Our dolls offer real educational value, far from screens and electronic games. They allow the youngest children to develop:

● their empathy ;

● their cognitive abilities;

● their language skills;

● their fine motor skills.

This doll is mainly aimed at children under 3 years old as it helps to meet their need for security and comfort.

A handcrafted toy designed in Belgium

Offering authentic, playful toys with a strong educational value is the essential mission of our brand since 1994. Elena and her clothes are 100% designed in our premises in Belgium. Good to know: all the clothes on sale on our website are suitable for all dolls. So you can have endless fun!

● Material of the doll: vinyl and cotton

● Material of the clothes: cotton

● Size: 32 cm / 0.480 kg

● Machine washable at 30°C

● 12 months and over

The doll arrives in its kraft paper packaging at your home or at a relay point. You can also consult the list of our physical points of sale.

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