Amalia - Vintage black doll


This adorable doll is an essential friend for any summer picnic. Amalia has been designed so that every child can find a doll to suit them!

Amalia, the friend for picnic and dinner parties

Very sociable, Amalia is the best friend for snacks and dinners! Dressed in her hat and summer outfit, she's ready for picnics in the sun. Her cotton clothes are easy to remove and machine washable. Luckily, she loves to be bathed! Amalia is part of Olivia's tender world.

The black doll, for each child to identify with

Amalia has a beautiful dark skin so that every little boy or girl can find a doll that looks like her. It is an educational toy that helps to standardise differences.

Why give a doll to a child?

Stimulating, educational and durable, the doll plays an essential role in the development of the child. By giving it a bottle, rocking it or talking to it, it develops its cognitive, motor and emotional faculties and its sense of responsibility.

A 100% Belgian handmade creation

We have been making our toys with love in Belgium since 1994. As with all our dolls, Amalia's mischievous face has been hand-painted! Her cotton hat, dress and slippers can be changed and washed over and over again. To complete Amalia's wardrobe, don't hesitate to check out the other clothes in our collection!

● Material of the doll: vinyl

● Material of the clothes: cotton

● Dimensions: 32 cm / 0,480 kg

● Machine washable at 30°C

● 12 months and more

Amalia is delivered with her clothes in her eco-friendly cardboard packaging. We offer delivery, but don't hesitate to consult the list of our retail shops!

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